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Stan de Longeaux


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Toulon, France, February 2018.

First quality Print of numerical photography. Direct print on Aluminium 3mm, 50x75 cm.


Highly strong, rigid, waterproof and finest no pixelized result.


On a rainy day in the Mediterranean city of Toulon, the ground very artfully reflects all the light around. Despite the absence of an assertive sun, and even though it continues to rain lightly, everything shines, the perception of the city is completely transformed, a poetry of details is at work. Two people have passed, we see them in the back of the frame. They live in this magical setting, they sublimate the shiny ground, they are the timeless actors, real living witness of the city.

This image is issued from my collection « City Instants ». My artistic choice is often based on a framing taking a vertical or horizontal plane as a vanishing point on a major surface, taking the viewer into a perspective with a strong depth of field.

Humanity has created cities and towns since Antiquity to gather there, to protect themselves, to find there commonly the facilities it needs, to exchange, to have fun there, in short to share there.

My images unearth sharing on every street corner; it is sometimes only about his idea or its evocation, even symbols.

The magic of the photo rests in this ability to freeze for eternity the unique and fleeting moment. So many moments, so many expressions gathered in a single framing. All these trajectories suddenly and for a short time combined. These thousand destinies then compose, through the eyes of the photographer, a great whole that exceeds everyone. Timeless rendering by black & white. This is how my City Instants are born.