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Melting Giraffe

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/ / MOVING | | GHOSTS / / is an ongoing project that I started at the beginning of 2019  where I am collaborating with people to create portraits of them in locations important to them while wearing their favorite outfit. 

I ask people to wear their favorite outfit is because clothes show where that person is at that period of their life, how they feel & have been feeling. The clothes express who they want to be and in turn, give them confidence.  I am interested in sharing who people are and the connection that comes with that. The catch is that they have to hide their face. I ask that people cover their face because it kills the model / identity but allows for other parts of who they are to come out in the image.

Important locations come from the idea of boudoir. Boudoir comes from the french word bouder meaning: to sulk. Historically, sulking was seen as something one would do privately, and the term bouder came to encapsulate a room where one would go to withdraw and be quietly alone. A bouder was a place of intimacy and privacy, where one could express their true selves without fear of judgment or punishment.