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Stan de Longeaux

Schoolgirls on the World Way

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Kurirumu, Manyara Region, Rift Plateau, Tanzania. February 2019.

First quality Print of numerical photography. Direct print on Aluminium 3mm, 50x75 cm.

Highly strong, rigid, waterproof and finest no pixelized result.

A specificity of Africa' landscapes is red soil. It always fascinated me. I wanted to celebrate it in this pic. My Subject is also these three schoolgirls coming back home in this natural and somptuous area. For me, they are walking on the way of their future, then the way of free world. So important for girls of Africa to be educated to be able to join all world's possibilities. That's also theyr fight I want to show there. Wanting to give sensation of touching this soil, it has been obvious for me to compose my pic at the soil line, suggesting a layered focus towards horizon line. Contrast between three major colors, braun of soil, green of trees and pure blue of sky stress the appearance, the granularity, to sum up the striking beauty of the ground of this generous continent.