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Stan de Longeaux

Survival Poetry

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Stone Town, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania. March 2019.

First quality Print of numerical photography. Direct print on Aluminium 3mm, 50x75 cm.

Highly strong, rigid, waterproof and finest no pixelized result.

There is something so quiet in this pic, showing however a difficult situation. This paradox conducted me to frame this scene. We are in a sort of inner courtyard clearly falling into ruins, even in places disemboweled. I could enter into this area directly from street, that's opened, and I crossed on my way several people who were not disturbed by my presence. Their welcome attitude encouraged me to go at the end of passage, a few meters further. I discovered this scene. It raised concerns, because in this place where anybody wouldn't like to live, were this people obviously not so bad set up. In the meaning, they have all done to stay there with peace and dignity. The man we can see is standing seriously, nearly as if he was praying or thinking. There is a cat, sitting in front of him, and seeming to respond to him with its posture. This sensation is going on with poetry in these multicoloured materials and clothes, so well cleaned and arranged, hanging from parapet, in opposition to the messy architecture. Even the mouldy walls bring a graphic aspect that frames the whole scene.