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Stan de Longeaux

Lives with Strides

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Saint Sulpice, Paris, France, February 2018.

First quality Print of numerical photography. Direct print on Aluminium 3mm, 50x75 cm.


Highly strong, rigid, waterproof and finest no pixelized result.


To give the idea of the movement present in our most basic daily life, and magnify it in an eternal instant. That was the purpose of this shot. I am very happy with the result. There is the fleeting instant, frozen forever, people in the foreground whose legs we can only see. And, in the last shots, we see people walking quietly. Soon, however, the same people who may cross the street too at the same place. And which will also appear to pass as quickly as a shadow. It is this duality that I see here. Everything is a matter of perception. It all depends where we put the point of view. Like our debates, our lives, the way we want to watch others.

This image is issued from my collection « City Instants ».

Humanity has created cities and towns since Antiquity to gather there, to protect themselves, to find there commonly the facilities it needs, to exchange, to have fun there, in short to share there.

My images unearth sharing on every street corner; it is sometimes only about his idea or its evocation, even symbols.

The magic of the photo rests in this ability to freeze for eternity the unique and fleeting moment. So many moments, so many expressions gathered in a single framing. All these trajectories suddenly and for a short time combined. These thousand destinies then compose, through the eyes of the photographer, a great whole that exceeds everyone. Timeless rendering by black & white. This is how my City Instants are born.