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Stan de Longeaux

Going to Pray

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Stone Town, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, March 2019.

First quality Print of numerical photography. Direct print on Aluminium 3mm, 50x75 cm.

Highly strong, rigid, waterproof and finest no pixelized result.

Zanzibar is a small island but rich of a glorious history. Capital of the sultan of Oman during the nineteenth century, and beginning of the twentieth, it has been the hub of the whole trade coming from and entering to East Africa. Zanzibar inherited from this period in particular a great muslim piety. Each evening, kids and several adults are joining prayer rooms for the last daily religious teachings. We cross them in the street, like on this pic. They dress with this particular garment, essentially for this dedicated moment, and sometimes to go to school. What’s nice here, is the boy is looking back to me. We make out at the bottom of the street the prayer room he will enter, with its lights delightfully reflecting in the water of the fresh washed ground of the street at sunset.