Ascendancy of Virtue
Ascendancy of Virtue
Ascendancy of Virtue


Ascendancy of Virtue

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Mixed Media. Acrylic, Pen, Ink and Pencil 
36.5cm x 42cm (Frame)
Vintage frame included. Do not unframe
Artwork creation :2021

We must begin by learning from within ourselves. Reconnecting with archaic concepts that have been discussed since the dawn of the ancients will allow the inner self to balance absolute reason with unabridged Ontologism. This harmony is crucial for the redemption of both the psyche and the conscious brain. The utilisation of both sides of the brain is paramount for the liberation of the soul.

Our fine art is created through the reincarnation of discarded products, saving them from landfill. Through this we ensure that each piece is eco-friendly, zero-waste and has a positive impact on the environment.