Virtual Exhibitions

We create and develop your virtual exhibition as a full service. Benefits of online exhibition include: global reach and increased attendance, increased exposure and branding, less costly, enable real-time interactions and more private view and valuable data tracking and insights.

Technical Preparation and Selection of Artworks

We collaborate with the artist on the content and outlook of exhibited virtual rooms with wide range of architectural spaces, suitable for any kind of art. We use Art Space / Kunstmatrix virtual environment for technical preparation of the exhibition and send draft solution for approval 2 weeks before the opening date.


The exhibition is scheduled on both our website's home page and Kunstmatrix platform. We use online PR press tools, weekly newsletters, social media, SEO management, and other marketing tools and channels to promote the exhibition, before the opening and during the exhibition period.

Curation and Insights

We maintain and present your collection to our network of collectors, including administration of incoming queries. Our feedback on key metrics will be an useful insight on visibility and impact of the exhibited works on wider audience.

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