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We will help you in growing your sales and promote your work to our network of art collectors, magazines and social media, other online platforms for galleries, Google, Bing, YouTube and other channels we find appropriate.

If you register as an artist, you will be able to create your own account and profile page, write your biography, upload photos of your artworks and price them independently or with our assistance. The artwork page will have a description of the work, biography of the artist and link to the profile page, his/her other artworks, contact details including the review from collectors, shipment details and policy, and many other useful information. You will be able to manage your listing at any time and to easy handle your pages.

Our general pricing to artists is 15% commission on total value of the order and £30 annual subscription.

Special opportunity for artists will be created via monthly newsletters and content that will be shared with our network. We will also organize various events and will back and promote best selling artists through blogs, social media posts, home page stories and invitations to the major London-based art events.

You will be responsible for maintaining your profile and artwork pages, including packaging and dispatch of the order via first class post within 5 working days from the order date. These facts, along with our commission, should be carefully considered when determining the price of the artwork, especially for deliveries abroad. Since your artwork should be inclusive of shipment costs, we can help you with determination of average shipment cost. We recommend Eurosender shipping calculator as a guidance and recommend that you determine average shipping price or higher range if the customer is from another continent. There are also useful hints about the packaging of various artworks and also information about the insurance coverage.

Through our website security system and fraud checks, you will be confident in the payment process. You will be able to get an immediate access to any order and will get the generated invoice for each artwork sold.

Important term is that we offer 14 days money back guarantee to our customers which means that customers will be able to return the artwork (with the obligation to pay the return postage via first class courier) within that period without specific reason. Consequently, our payment to artists will be processed 14 days after delivery of the order, unless the order is for digital download when this rule does not apply (in this case the payment is processed within 2-3 working days).

There are certain steps that artists need to follow :

  1. Sign up/Login to the Artist's Account by using the following link:
  2. If the Artist has to create a new account, he/she should accept our Terms of Service and wait for our account approval which is usually within 24 hours.
  3. Once approved, the Artist can start updating the profile page and uploading the artworks.
  4. The Artist needs to add the payment details to which he/she wishes to receive the order payments.
  5. We will be there for any support or administrative assistance.

Your Dashboard once you log in will look like this:

Website dashboard

Operating within the dashboard is simple and you will need just basic computer skills in order to easily manage the platform's environment. We will share the artist's guide for the platform if needed and will be able to help immediately with any query or even make changes as an administrator as per your request.

Welcome to Avanguardian's World of Art!