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We have all witnessed revolutionary movement in the art industry in post-covid environment. Along with the need for online presence where all galleries shuffled from traditional sales to more digital approach, the rapid growth of crypto market developed another concept that will save artist costs, ease authenticity process and provide long term sustainable ecosystem of art and creativity.


NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) are unique digital artworks, whether it is an image, video or audio, stored on the blockchain (digital ledger). NFTs provide a public certificate of authenticity and can be sold and traded on respective digital markets by using cryptocurrencies for sale transactions. An artist does not just earn from the first sale of the NFT, but also earn royalties for any secondary sale on the NFT marketplace.. 

Our Services

NFT Setup and Listing

All we need is your digital artwork (image, GIF, video or music file). The rest is on us for your piece of mind - from creation of crypto wallet and maintaining of accounts to NFT minting and listing on desired marketplace, whether it is auction-based or fixed price digital work. Your digital authenticity will allow you not just proceeds from the first sale but also up to 10% royalties on any secondary sales of the NFT on the digital marketplace.


Market(ing) Optimization

We manage your profile on our website and relevant NFT marketplace, social media, publications and news, but also your NFT presence. We are partners with the world leading NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible and others. All NFT marketplaces have their own conditions and we work together to select the most suitable digital space.


Curation and Protection

We support emerging and established artists on their journey by curating their digital artworks in NFT space, including the protection of the artwork / crypto asset stored on the blockchain that will always be associated with its creator, including a transparent history of transactions.

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