How It Works for Artists

We will be a partner in your journey and will promote your work through our network of art collectors and partner galleries, art magazines and social media, other online platforms, weekly newsletter, search engines and other channels we find appropriate.

Initial Steps

Once you register as an artist and once we review and approve the application  (within 24 hours and usually earlier), you will receive email confirmation that your artist account is active. You will then be able to create your profile page, write your biography, upload your artworks and determine their price and other relevant details (year of creation, technique used, dimensions, etc.). You will be able to manage your listing at any time.


The following video will guide you through step by step process in creating your perfect profile and page.

Pricing and Key Terms

Our pricing policy is 15% commission on total value of the order and £30 annual subscription. Artists are responsible for maintaining their profile and artwork pages, including packaging and dispatching the order via first class post within 5 working days from the order date. These facts, along with our commission, should be carefully considered when determining the price of the artwork, especially for deliveries overseas.

Fraud protection and Secured Payments

Through our website security system and fraud checks, you will feel confident in the payment process. You will be able to get an immediate access to any order and will get the generated invoice for each artwork sold.


Important term is 14 days money back guarantee to our customers which means that customers will be able to return the artwork (with the obligation to pay the return postage via first class courier) within that period without specific reason. Consequently, our payment to artists will be processed 14 days after delivery of the order, unless the order is for digital art when the payment is processed within 2-3 working days.

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