Auction Rules

General rules and terms of the auction:

You must create the account in order to qualify for the auction. We do not charge any fee for joining the auction.

  • Starting Bid (minimum auction starting price)
  • Current Bid (the last auction price)
  • Reserve Price (the minimum price which must be reached, to have the winner)
  • You can add the artwork to the cart if you want to buy it immediately without the auction based on the website price.

You can select normal bidding or proxy bidding (make the bid automatically based on bidding increment rules). For example, if you opt to use proxy bidding, you will automatically override last bidder for the incremental increase of the bid. You can set your maximum proxy price in order to protect yourself for spending more than you have expected for related auction.

Bidders can always hide their details and stay anonymous. Important rule and setup is so-called Popcorn Bidding which protects bidders from last minute offers and allow them an extra time (5 minutes) to compete for a win. We deserve the right to announce multiple winners in the case of digital products (for example, digital download of photography). 

Winners will receive email confirmation and will have 8 hours to make a payment. In the case the payment is not made within that period, the second bidder on the list will be announced as a winner and will have the same period to make a payment.

The artist's and our contribution - 10% of all sold artworks goes to charities, this time we selected Italian Red Cross due to their emergent needs relating to COVID-19 outbreak.

For any further queries - please use the contact form or email us.

Good luck!

Avanguardian team