About Us

The idea behind the Avanguardian project is to make the art accessible and affordable to art lovers and to support the emerging and independent artists to market and sell their artwork, whether it is painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or applied arts, globally via our online gallery.

At the same time, we are working towards the opening of a physical gallery in London. Our objective is to have a boutique gallery with the right selection of artwork. We are not aiming to expand to the extent that we are not in position to offer the highest quality service to artists and we plan to keep it that way. On the other side, we are working on further extension of our network and the cooperation with UK recognized independent curators. Initial plans for opening of the physical gallery have been delayed due to C-19 outbreak, and current plans assume spring 2021.

We are in the process of profiling featured artworks with the aim to promote the avant-garde art as our brand suggests. This means we prefer modernism as an art movement and primarily promote artists influenced by Cubism, Dadaism and later styles such as Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Minimalism. 

We are strongly influenced by music and some of our featured art will have a connection with different music styles 60s-80s, such as punk and alternative rock, as well as blues and jazz that also represent important part of our lives.

One of our mission statements is connected with helping charities. We emphasize on helping young artists and children -  a percentage of sold artworks will go to relevant charities or organizations. We will be announcing our contributions transparently. 

Avanguardian Gallery is operating under UK registered company Avanguardian Limited.