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Talented Art Fair

Talented Art Fair (6 - 8 March 2020 @ Truman Brewery London) was held just before the escalation of global pandemic following by the closure of almost all art events in London and worldwide. As a result, this 4th edition of the fair was probably less busy compared to previous years, which was a pity given a number of talented artists and fantastic artworks. We are also pleased that some of artists joined our gallery after this fair and we had an opportunity to have a nice chat with almost everyone. As usual, we present our  random selection and hope you will enjoy and share our views!! Enrico Meucci Betty Alabama James Green Stevie Parker Georgie Wheeler Oliver Pavic Tighe-Mearns-Smith Decolife  Lily...

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Parallax Art Fair

We have visited one of the largest independent art & design fair in Europe held at Kensington Town Hall in London. We had a chance to take a look at a huge number of artworks from hundreds of independent artists and it was a lovely occasion to have a number of pleasant discussions. We are also proud that some of artists joined our gallery and we are excited that we found a lot of interested artists who shared the same vision, aesthetics and ideas. We are listing our selection of the artists and artworks (randomly) and hope that you will like it. We are also sure we may have missed some of the quality work, and apologies to those who were not scheduled in...

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London Art Fair 2020

'One of the great joys of developing the Art Fair each year is the connections it creates. This not only means bringing together the most interesting galleries from around the world with both seasoned and aspiring collectors, but it also extends to the shared conversations that emerge from our engagement with the fair itself' Sarah Monk Director of London Art Fair

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