'Colourful' by Mario Fior

After 2 years, Avanguardian Gallery present another online exhibition by Mario Fior -  'Colourful' with opening date of 1 April 2022.


The photographic philosophy of the author Mario Fior is based, admittedly, on Fernando Pessoa's thought:


"Landscapes have their landscape within us,

therefore if I imagine them, I create them,

If I create them, they exist,

if they exist, I can see them".


which acts as a leitmotif to the whole work. Mario than applies in photography the intriguing and exciting concept of heteronyms, a peculiarity of the Portuguese writer: not to be confused with pseudonyms, behind every fictitious name in Pessoa's work exists an independent poetic personality with ideological and stylistic peculiarities; they have a life of their own and express themselves through poetry ... well the same operation, idea, is applied by Mario to photography.


On one hand, then, the cogito ergo sum becomes the video ergo sum and marvelously, the artist can thus have different lives and personalities, or simply bring out one of his own I's from inside himself; on the other hand to represent, the photographing, gives life to what is generated in the image, lights up and evokes, in a certain  sense, the genius loci of the classical Latin conception. 




Calle Veneziana



Abstraction in Red

Mario even surpasses this concept, extending it to moments, as if to say that every moment, every situation has a soul (not just the places) and the photographer is the one who captures it forever in the image ... properly not "imprisoning" it but "freeing it" eternally in the photo. In short, Mario unifies in his art the last sentence that Pessoa wrote in English "I know not what tomorrow will bring ... "(" I don't know what tomorrow will bring ") to his last words in Portuguese" Dê-me os meus óculos! " ("Give me my glasses"), because we men don't really know what tomorrow will bring us, but in the meantime the artist gives us his glasses, to observe reality with a new point of view. 


The role of the observer remains absolutely fundamental. The public is the missing card, the completion and vital continuation of the work. Nothing is done, nothing is defined, man can and must always write his part in the book of the universe ...


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