'Abstractiva' by Maria Di Gaetano

Avanguardian Gallery is excited to annouce its first virtual exhibition in 2022 - Maria Di Gaetano's 'Abstractiva' with opening date 26 February 2022.


"Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life”. This expression has been attributed to the artist Pablo Picasso and there is nothing truer than that. 


'Abstractiva' is an exhibition that is inspired by this truth, it tells about feelings and the meaning of the act of painting as a curative process. With her abstract pieces, Maria sends a message to her audience to free up and listen their feelings and thoughts more often and in a better way.


Especially in these hard times we have all been living these years, our inner self has been put severely a part. We feel lonelier, distressed, broken. Maria’s idea of art is based on the Japanese concept of “Kintsugi”. Therefore, art is “Kintsugi of life”, the golden filling of our everyday broken pieces.

'Untitled n 0'

Series: Free Flow No1


Series: Shadows 'Kintsugi'

Art is psychologically therapeutic and for this reason it seems to have a “special power”. This “power” needs to be found, understood, processed, and eventually applied by the act of creating.


Abstractiva wants to bring to light the beginning of the artist’s abstract path and the pure and simple representation of feelings. Maria’s style aims to evoke the expressivity of gestures and colours, of music and free flows. And she does that with fast and sharp brush strokes of acrylics on canvas sometimes combined with gold leaf sheets.


Contact gallery for preview of exhibited artworks.