Talented Art Fair

Talented Art Fair (6 - 8 March 2020 @ Truman Brewery London) was held just before the escalation of global pandemic following by the closure of almost all art events in London and worldwide. As a result, this 4th edition of the fair was probably less busy compared to previous years, which was a pity given a number of talented artists and fantastic artworks. We are also pleased that some of artists joined our gallery after this fair and we had an opportunity to have a nice chat with almost everyone. As usual, we present our  random selection and hope you will enjoy and share our views!!

  • Enrico Meucci

Enrico Meucci

  • Betty Alabama

Betty Alabama

  • James Green

James Green

  • Stevie Parker

Stevie Parker

  • Georgie Wheeler

Georgie Wheeler

  • Oliver Pavic

Oliver Pavic

  • Tighe-Mearns-Smith


  • Decolife


  •  Lily Rose Grant

 Lily Rose Grant

  • Laura Harold

Laura Harold

  • Ozlem Thompson

Ozlem Thompson

  • D13EGO


  • Sherine Nazmy

Sherine Nazmy

and many more...

Avanguardian team

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