Susan Diamond has brought to life... A series of gifs for the characters she created and painted to be launched on 28 January 2022 on OpenSea NFT marketplace. Strong images in their own rights allow the characters to be brought to life with animation. It really has added another dimension  to Susan's work! 


Graphic, Figurative thought provoking Picasso Punk, Vibrant colour, Strong Women embodied on Futuristic landscapes and cities, extra terrestrial Sci Fi metallics and neon hues adorn stretched feminist canvas, creating bold and brave imagery for the Nu Future.


Susan's works spreading subliminal messages and are showing oozing attitude with fluorescent paint, gold and silver’s punk Picasso spat alien figures and cityscapes. 


Avanguardian Gallery will be representing Susan's NFTs at OpenSea and interested parties can contact us for more information.