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Myopia Studios Berlin


Myopia is an online platform established in 2019 and hub of cultural events with a special focus on experimental and emerging art, launched by visual artist Natalie Golubenko. Myopia engages a wide audience of artists, curators, and producers from different cultural and socio-political backgrounds to challenge conventional notions of diversity and difference. With a series of online events and podcasts, Myopia actively supports artists, taking action to create an environment that encourages artistic productivity, creativity, and support. 

Natalie Golubenko is Russian-born art director, video producer and multidisciplinary artist. In 2018 she moved to Berlin and joined visual art studio Licht.Pfad Studio as creative executive director. In the year of her collaborative work with Licht.Pfad’s CEO Stanislav Glazov, their installations and audiovisual performances were presented at TouchDesigner Summit in Montreal, Lunchmeat Festival, Gamma Festival, Intervals Festival, Science Fest in Russian Railway Museum and many other international events. Natalie presents her art practice mainly through video installations, photography, and multidisciplinary online-performances. In her works an image of a human transforms into a laboratory for experiments with the artistic form.

This time we present Devourer of Senses, a video work which is demonstrating how the digital environment is reconstructing and publicising our intimate experiences, directly influencing the image of our core self.

Natalie filmed this video work, staging her own body within the framework of suffering associated with a loss of identity. With the growing technological advancements comes the growing need to stay desperately plugged to the Internet. People look at social-media accounts for evidence of character. New technology allows us to produce a narrative of our lives, to choose what to remember and what to contribute to our own mythos.

We’re seeing our life through the screen. Our reality has been already mediated, augmented, documented and there’s no access to some state of unmediated purity. At some point, digital devices will be doing all the work and social media will be the only outlet for all human interaction, leaving no traces of personal identity. But, among all these avatars we can transform ourselves into, can we even remember who we really are?

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