Online Exhibition by Francesca Bortolaso

Few days ago, we were rushing to announce that the first online exhibition on our gallery will be within next few weeks, however Ms Francesca Bortolaso surprised us all with a well prepared digital content and we are excited to announce that her online exhibition is already scheduled for this weekend - Saturday 25th April 2020 at 7pm CET.

Exhibition 'Francesca Bortolaso and the Wonder of her Glass Artworks' aims to present the glass processing techniques and how a creation of her glass art looks in practice. Her artworks primarily involves the creation of interior design objects like vessels, lamps, panels, tiles, furniture knobs, tables, mirror frames and more.

Glass artworks by Francesca Bortolaso

Francesca is a Glass Master since 1992, specialized in Kilfiring , Kilncasting , Lampworking and Stained Glass techniques. Her inspiration  primarily comes from nature, spontaneous and vibrant,  featured by a strong sense for colors and shapes. While working, she gives a voice to her inner child listening to her whispers,  yet  'melting'  technique with play. She likes to mix different  techniques,  often using metal insertions, mostly copper, either as powder or as wires. With the so-called  Venetian  'a lume' technique (lampworking), she also creates a  wide variety of glass beads with the famous Murano glass, often combining them with gold, silver and copper insertions,  giving a birth to rich collection of original glass jewels.


Francesca is also specialized in the 'Tiffany' technique, which consists of assembling colored glass tesserae with a copper taping and subsequent tin casting. It was very popular at the time of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. It is still widely used today to create lamps, decorative objects and above all artistic glass windows for interiors.

Horizon Dancing Colors

She teaches glass-art  techniques ( lampworking, glass fusion and Tiffany courses) and participate in national and international  exhibitions and fairs.

We had a pleasure to meet Francesca at Parallax Art Fair in London this year and since the very first moment we knew this will be a long-term relationship. We are confident you will enjoy her exhibition this weekend and the video will be scheduled on our website's home page for a number of weeks that everyone can view it properly. Don't miss it and register for free preview of this fantastic event!

Avanguardian team

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