Mario Fior - Upcoming Online Exhibition at Avanguardian Gallery

Urban Symmetries

We are proud to announce that Mario Fior is preparing 3D video online exhibition with 54 artworks which will be scheduled on our website within next few weeks (exact date to be announced soon!). Mario's work is based on abstract, black and white, urban and art photography and visitors will be able to see the variety of subjects transformed into fantastic artworks.

Abstraction in Red                Fuga         

The passion for photography goes back to his childhood, when he received a gift, a Ferrania camera, in pure plastic followed by increasingly modern and sophisticated devices, up to the digital age. In 2004, the very advent of digital technology has rekindled a passion that, for some time, had abandoned him. The next step was the 'Post-production'. In this technique he found his ideal location in the world of visual arts by significantly or less significantly transforming the original photograph based on the subjective perception of the subject, either during shooting or the post-production.

La Fondamenta             Hallucination

 Individual and group exhibitions

  • Immagina Immagini (2012) - Brandizzo Municipality
  • In poche parole (2014) - Brandizzo Municipality
  • In poche parole (2015) - Villa Marchini Ramello
  • Art Photography and digital art (2016) - Art Time Gallery Udine
  • Biennial of the nations (2018) - Scuola grande della Misericordia, Venice
  • Contemporary Masters (2018) - Ca' Carraresi, Treviso
  • Van Gogh International Prize (2018) - Giuseppe Sciortino art Gallery, Monreale
  • First International art Prize (2018) - Teatro Biondo, Palermo
  • National art exhibition (2018) - Art Gallery 37, Torino
  • I Trust you/mi fido di te (2018) - EA Gallery, Palermo
  • Masters today (2018) - Palazzo Velli, Rome
  • Poetics of contemporary art (2018) - Art Gallery 37, Torino
  • Arte in Villa / Venetian Villas Biennial (2019) - Relais Monaco, Ponzano Veneto
  • International biennial of the city of Lecce (2019) - La Chimera Metropolitan art Gallery
  • Lisbona perspectives (2019) - Art Gallery 37, Torino
  • Chi essere (2019) - Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation, Barletta
  • International Prize of Contemporary art (2019) - Art Gallery 37, Torino


Title Year Notes
Artists in the Vittorio Sgarbi collection 2018 Collection of drawings and prints by Vittorio Sgarbi
Artist of the year 2019 2018 Effetto arte editor
Insertion in the Historical archive of the fine arts 2018 Maison d'art Padova
New York city Prize 2019 La Chimera Metropolitan art Gallery

You can search for more of Mario's artworks on our online gallery and for full selection of his photography visit his website


Avanguardian team

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  • Andri72s

    Un Artista con la A maiuscola. Un giocoliere del colore, che interpreta le proprie visioni trasmettendole all’osservatore sottoforma di emozione visiva di forme e colori.

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