Manuela Dilly's 3D Online Exhibition Opens on 28 May 2021

We have a pleasure to announce a 3D online exhibition '"Shades of Colour, Light and Gloom“' by Manuela Dilly from 28 May 2021 on our website. The exhibition features 10 paintings created during 2020 and 2021 and will be on display until 28 July 2021.

Manuela was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1967. She graduated art, education and psychology in University of Koblenz and moved to Nürnberg in 2000 where she opened her first studio 'KKW - Kleine Kreativ Werkstatt' as a freelance artist in 2007. In 2015, Manuela opened 'Atelier am Isarstausee' and became a member of VBK 'Association of Visual Artists' in Bavaria.


Artist statement

'In February 2020 I had the pleasure to be part of the Kensington Art Fair. In Germany everyone was already talking about Covid-19 and the word “pandemic” was very present. When I arrived in London, I was amazed that the topic wasn’t prevailing there. Everyone was talking about Brexit, while nobody thought about a virus that would change the whole world.

We have been caught in this pandemic since March 2020, it affects our lives, our mobility, our freedom, our social contacts, our work. And many other areas that you might not immediately associate with it. Some get depressed, some get lazy and obese, others do workouts. People buy pets so they can go for a walk, or camp in the woods and leave rubbish behind.

Our lives change - in a different way for each person. "Shades of colour, light and gloom" shows my impressions of the complexity of the soul behind the facade, sometimes colourful, sometimes gray, sometimes dreary, sometimes angry or hopeless. I hope we all get through this time well.'


Hanibal (2021)

Visitors will be able to see Manuela's combined technique and unique visual impression. Artworks Faun and Women in Flames are both glass pieces made of antique mouthblown stained glass, from the world famous glassblowing and melding workshop Lamberts Glass, Germany. They are hand painted with pure glass pigments, etched and branded in high temperature between 570 and 600 degrees several times. Manuela used her acrylic paintings for implementation in glass, giving them a 'new life' combined with LED light technique with special colorful effects. 

Out of Shades

Out of Shades (2021)

Solo Exhibitions

2007 "studio exhibition" at the nuclear power plant in Nürnberg.

2008 "Art in the Tea House" Seminar St. Paul, Nürnberg.

2009 "November Exhibition" Casino of the US Armed Forces in Nürnberg.

2011 "9th Nuremberg Art Symposium" Almoshof, Nürnberg.

2011 "Gates to Light" Artstudio 30, St. Jobst.

2011 "KLIK-Kunst im Klinikum" Neumarkt / ObPf.

2012 "Character Heads" Medical Center Neumarkt.

2012 "Art in the canteen" Baumüller, Nuremberg.

2014 "Art in the University" University Hospital Erlangen.

2015 "Raben" medical center in Neumarkt.

2016 "Freedom and Tolerance" Art Pavilion Munich.

2017 "Artists in Upper Bavaria" Central Tax Office Pfaffenhofen.

2018 "Impressions from the Isar Valley" Benediktbeuern Monastery, Kochel.

2018 "Freedom rises its head" Rathausgalerie Munich.

2019 "Evanescence and New Beginning" Art Pavilion Munich.

2020 "SaSi20" union building Verdi, Munich.

2020 "Parallax Art Fair" Kensington, London.

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