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London Art Fair

With our great regret, this year's London Art Fair will not be delivered in its usual format at the Business Design Centre. From 20 - 31 January 2021, the fair will be presented in an alternative digital format: London Art Fair Edit. The visitors will be able to discover and enquiry galleries via the online viewing rooms, with written commentaries by galleries themselves. London Art Fair offers a rich talks programme, the platform and interesting workshops. Our recommendation is that you take the opportunity to visit at least the following galleries: Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Candida Stevens Gallery, Charlie Smith London, Gallery G-77, James Freeman Gallery, JELAOUS, Osborne Samuel, Rabley Gallery, Crane Kalman Gallery, Castlegate House Gallery, Long & Ryle and the Nine British Art.

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Richard Hamilton: Respective

Currently on hold due to C-19 closure, however there is still significant time ahead (18 April 2021) for you to explore Richard Hamilton's (1922-2011) most celebrated works at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.

Richard Hamilton

As a pioneer of British Pop Art, Richard Hamilton influenced many generations and created and shaped famous artists from 1950s and later, including their visual styling and the ways they saw the art world. This exhibition focuses on the influence of international modernism on his Pop-art style.

 Alan Davie: Beginning of a Far-off World

Another exhibition that has been postponed is about rarely seen works from Scottish painter and jazz musician Alan Davie (1920-2014) at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh. 

Alan Davie

Drawing from private collections, Alan Davie: Beginning of a far-off World explores Davie’s evolution as an artist from early paintings as a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art to drawings from a series made during the last year of his life.

Bruce Nauman - Tate Modern

With hope that museums in London will open soon, there is still a chance to feel a journey through the ground-breaking works of this quintessential contemporary artist until 21 February 2021. Since the late 1960s Bruce Nauman has continually tested what an artwork can be, by reshaping old forms and creating new ones. His ground-breaking works using sound, film, video and neon have influenced generations of artists.

Bruce Nauman


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