City Instants - a Photo Collection by Stan de Longeaux

Street art photo

Stan de Longeaux's recent individual exhibition 'City Instants' will be replayed on 16th May 2020 from 6pm BST on our website. The exhibition was based on black&white street art photography taken in the period from April 2017 - May 2018 in Paris, Berlin, London, Monte-Carlo and Toulon streets. We have asked the artist about the meaning of these works:

'These images are taken from my photographic expression in the city. My artistic choice is often based on a framing taking a vertical or horizontal plane as a vanishing point on a major surface, taking the viewer into a perspective with a strong depth of field.

Humanity has created cities and towns since Antiquity to gather there, to protect themselves, to find there commonly the facilities it needs, to exchange, to have fun there, in short to share there.

My images unearth sharing on every street corner; it is sometimes only about his idea or its evocation, even symbols.

Like a London taxi : it is the starting point for a deep perspective, in fact sitting on a succession of other taxis, all identical. Evocation of the whirlwind of our incessant journeys in the city between our private and professional lives, our meetings, our constraints and our passions. 

Or the barrier between the building and the street, again typical of a large number of London neighborhoods. It is the starting point for a dizzying new perspective, extending our private lands, the place of our loves and affections, through the outside streets, a medium for socialization via the neighborhood, unexpected encounters, 'chance'.

The magic of the photo rests in this ability to freeze for eternity the unique and fleeting moment. So many moments, so many expressions gathered in a single framing. All these trajectories suddenly and for a short time combined. These thousand destinies then compose, through the eyes of the photographer, a great whole that exceeds everyone. Timeless rendering by black & white. This is how my City Instants are born.' - Stan de Longeaux.

Street Photo Black and White

We are always interested to support projects aimed to present children and support African culture and heritage.You can see Stan's African journey project featured on our website. Walking the streets of villages of Tanzania and Zanzibar City (Stone Town), Stan de Longeaux invites you to an artistic and journalistic discovery of a unique blend of cultures, a fragile model of coexistence and peaceful sharing.

You can also buy a book from his African journey on:

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  • Les 3 Mouettes

    A cunning eye, with a real gift to size the moment, and a wonderful piece of art, printed on thin metal sheet, where scintillating tin-light transform the whites, with a fascinating play on light-rays depending on the onlooker’s point of view !

  • Greg

    What a beautiful exposure. So incredible :)

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