3D Online Exhibition by Margareta Alvthin opens 2 April 2021 at Avanguardian Gallery

We are excited to announce a 3D online exhibition 'Enter the Subconscious' by Margareta Alvthin from 2 April 2021 at 7pm UK time on our website. The exhibition features 10 oil paintings created during 2018 and 2019 and will be on display until 2 June 2021.

Margareta Alvthin

Asked about this exhibition, Margareta explained that throughout her life she has painted a man in various symbolic versions and always with similar meaning. That is, man and his life and soul, his feelings and suffering. These are questions that people have always considered, and she wants to describe  her feelings about existentialism in her art. The nudity in her paintings is symbolic and there is nothing in common with worldly desires. There are no material things in the spaces where her characters are located. It describes expressions and connections with human emotions in our psychic worlds. Worlds where there is sensitivity, love, empathy and boundless understanding.

Margareta further says: 'My paintings are well connected with the music I listen to while painting. I meditative process my mind before I creating a new painting. I can't paint anything without music. I need to find “right song” and listen to the same song many hours when creating a new painting. Sometimes my paintings are inspired by dreams and sometimes the subject depicts of an old mythology that speaks to me. My paintings are living and communicate a strong energy of emotions and feelings, which are aimed to emerging the viewer. Additional expression builds through thick texture and large format. This is my painting style. My characters are often idealistic; it is also part of my message because they are symbolic creations of our mental experiences.'

Sibirisk princessa

'Sibirisk princessa' (2018)

The human has been described as an image of the godlike being with divine energy, which today have been elapsed and anesthetized by commercialism. Her paintings are meant to arouse your "divine energies", so that you will open up emotions and senses. That you would see the metaphysical reality that surrounds us and let you become sensitive to the free world.

Margareta explains further: 'My images sometimes come from a dream; dreams reflect our feelings and sensibilities. The message I communicate is "wake up, become more sensitive, feel beauty". There’s nothing in my paintings that I associate with material life, with worldly life, I associate for example hair and gender with worldly life. My characters have been deprived of these attributes, they have no gender, no hair and this because they don’t express worldly desires. My characters are symbolic beings from the world of feelings and emotions. You can imagine that they come from the dimension of our psyche and perceptions. Characters which I sometimes search for in ancient mythologies, at that time people deeply believed. Essence as “Hyllemor” (tree guardian from the Norse mythology) lived in symbiosis with nature and supervised man so he doesn’t lose his true purpose of his existence.'


Hyllemor (2019)

Margareta mainly exhibited in Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg), UK (London Kensington) and Poland. She holds Master degree with specialty in graphic art and she graduated 5 years art college with title Ceramic Artist. 

The ‘Enter the Subconscious’ art exhibition will surprise the gallery visitors with carefully planned symbolism, inspiration in old mythologies, strength of characters that are deeply coalesced in the psyche of the viewer, a strong energy that awakes reflection on the meaning of life.

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